- Personality Profile assessment to help boost your career and your relationships

Add a Little Personality to your College Experience

Why are we doing this?

Because personality plays a role in your college life, much more than you think.


Personality plays a large role in how you interact with others. How you make friends, talk to professors, behave in social situations, and communicate during group projects. Knowing your and others’ personality can make or break your college experience.


College stress is real, intense, and quadruples during midterms and finals. Knowing your personality helps you better understand how you react to stress, and is the best thing you can do for yourself when you need to manage anxiety during crunch time.


Experimentation, growth, parties, overnighters, drama, and switching majors – all are part of your self-discovery during your time at college. Your personality traits are the reason you get yourself in and out of trouble, and we don’t think you should go in blind.

Our Story

You never really think about how much personality impacts your life - That is until you work at a company that specializes in personality testing! The team behind bloomed is made up of current and former students from all sorts of backgrounds. Between us, we have experienced it all, and we’ve seen firsthand the impact that personality has on our life as students.

It was just a matter of time before the vision for bloomed started forming, and so we’re setting out to create a platform that will make your college experience a little easier, a lot more fun, and with a touch of personality!

The future of bloomed

We may be just starting out, but our vision is clear and simple: Making your life as a student a little easier. And here’s how we want to do it…


Whether you’ve always been the straight-A student or the class clown, there’s no doubt that you’d like higher grades if you could get them. Bloomed will soon be able to give you tips on how to get higher grades by using your personality to your advantage.


Group projects can easily turn to your worst nightmare. Get your team to complete bloomed’s personality test and let the platform optimize your collaboration based on individual personality traits, skills, and strength.


You may be an introvert or a social butterfly. Regardless, college is a place for all personality types, and bloomed wants to make sure you’re getting the most out of your experiences with concrete tricks for a better life on campus.