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Bloomed evaluates the fit between people based on their personality profiles. Let’s see if your personality is fit to have a blast working with us!

Constantly Challenged

If you’re up for a challenge, you’ve come to the right place. And the best part: with our bloomed personality test that reveals innate talents and strengths, we can guarantee that we’ve got the challenges that will be a perfect match for YOU.

Unlimited Coffee

And chocolate, and chips, and donuts (but that’s only if you leave your computer screen unlocked while you’re gone). Oh, and yummy butter chicken made by your future colleague’s mom. Quit drooling now, and send us your resume!

Latest Technologies

We use the latest Microsoft back-end technologies to help us develop the best, fastest and most efficient Web platform. The front-end is driven by HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. If these are just random words to you, don’t worry; we’ve got openings in other departments, too!

Current Openings

Marketing Specialist
Montreal, QC, Canada
Front-End Developer
Montreal, QC, Canada
Back-End Developer / .NET
Montreal, QC, Canada
UX/UI Web Designer
Montreal, QC, Canada
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